Finally Going Home


Song List

  1. If Wishes Were Horses
  2. Jolene
  3. Daddy’s Got a Gun
  4. Blue
  5. Born to Fly
  6. Bear Tracks
  7. If I Could Only Learn  to Yodel
  8. Finally Going Home
  9. What a Beautiful Day
  10. Pardon Me
  11. Wishing Well Blues


Finally Going Home

Finally Going Home is the third album by The Petersens. John Chapman took the band under his wing and produced the album and the engineering was done by Bill Chapman with DigiGrass Music. The album cover is by Aaron Clark Photography. Many people enjoy the album because of Ellen’s yodeling on “If I Could Only Learn to Yodel” and for the classic Dolly Parton song, Jolene. The album is named after Katie’s original song “Finally Going Home”. Another crowd favorite through the years is the song Katie and Ellen wrote together: “My Daddy’s Got a Gun.”

Additional information

Weight 0.080 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 140 × 125 in


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