Finally Going Home

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Song List

  1. If Wishes Were Horses
  2. Jolene
  3. Daddy’s Got a Gun
  4. Blue
  5. Born to Fly
  6. Bear Tracks
  7. If I Could Only Learn  to Yodel
  8. Finally Going Home
  9. What a Beautiful Day
  10. Pardon Me
  11. Wishing Well Blues

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Finally Going Home

Finally Going Home is the third album by The Petersens. John Chapman took the band under his wing and produced the album and the engineering was done by Bill Chapman with DigiGrass Music. The album cover is by Aaron Clark Photography. Many people enjoy the album because of Ellen’s yodeling on “If I Could Only Learn to Yodel” and for the classic Dolly Parton song, Jolene. The album is named after Katie’s original song “Finally Going Home”. Another crowd favorite through the years is the song Katie and Ellen wrote together: “My Daddy’s Got a Gun.”

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2 reviews for Finally Going Home

  1. Brian

    This is an excellent album and I hope you re-release the title song as a single now that you have both Emmett’s dobro playing and Ellen filling in on guitar. Layering some picking in places, for example, could make the verse even spookier. I LOVE that beautiful but almost eerie vibe Katie’s voice has over Matt and/or dad’s guitar.

  2. Neal Guentzel (verified owner)

    A Must Have For The Petersens Fan. I have to admit that I love this band and all of its members past (as here) and present (as here + Emmett Franz). They are a genuine “American Treasure” that becomes even more special with time. What we have with this CD is an early (2014) version of The Petersens with more of a bluegrass focus and tone. All of the kids (Katie, Ellen, Matt and Julianne by age) are here making contributions that are “spot on” with 11 tracks that highlight each one seven years ago. Some of my favorites are Pardon Me and Born to Fly featuring all; Wishing Well Blues, the title track, and Daddy’s Got a Gun (written about their dad protecting his daughters from their many suitors) featuring Katie; Jolene, Blue, and If I Could Only Learn to Yodel (yep, she can do anything including yodel!) featuring Ellen; What a Beautiful Day featuring Matt; and a very sweet Bear Tracks featuring Julianne at age 12 who literally grew up with this band. It’s amazing to see how Julz has matured into the beautiful young woman of today with her mastery of the mandolin, unique and enchanting voice, and great warm smiles that could melt the coldest heart. Buy this CD and support this wonderful family band, so that they will be around for many years to come making us happy with their music. There also is a really cool and related YouTube video of the band at this time in their history (with a hilarious Katie taking the MC part normally done by Matt) entitled “The Petersens – Live at the Rodeo Opry”.

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