Katie Petersen

Musical Leader, Fiddle Player, Songwriter, Heartbreaker

Katie is the oldest Petersen sibling and is the musical leader of the group. Katie graduated from College of the Ozarks in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Chemistry and Spanish. After graduation, Katie moved to Oxford, England to study C.S. Lewis and the Psalms through the Summit Ministries Oxford program. Katie is a great songwriter and it had always been a dream of hers to study her favorite author at Oxford. More recently, Katie’s love of traveling took her to Nicaragua to teach music and English at a school through Project Hope. You can read more about her time in Nicaragua here. Currently, Katie enjoys teaching fiddle and piano lessons to students and, of course, bluegrass with the family. The best way to Katie’s heart is through a cup of coffee.

Ellen Petersen, MBA

Director of Marketing, Banjo Player, Yodelist

Ellen is the second oldest Petersen sibling and banjo player for the band. Ellen was first handed a banjo while the family was at its first bluegrass festival at which the kids’ dad decided the family should become a bluegrass band. Ellen graduated from College of the Ozarks in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Chemistry and moved to Oklahoma City to work as a laboratory technician. That summer she auditioned for American Idol for fun as its bus tour went through Branson and she ended up making it to the top 48 on Season XIV. (See her initial audition here and read an interview about her journey on the reality TV show¬†here.) After American Idol, Ellen moved back to Branson to focus more on music and began working towards her MBA degree at Missouri State University. Now a graduate, Ellen currently teaches Business Communications part-time to undergraduate business students at Missouri State and enjoys learning new ways to market the family bluegrass show. The best way to make Ellen smile is a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Matt Petersen

Director of Operations, Guitar Player, Comedian

Although Matt is the lone boy in the Petersen sibling lineup, he more than holds his own on stage and in the band operations. Matt graduated from College of the Ozarks in 2017 with a bachelors degree in Business. Since graduating, Matt runs most of the business aspects of the band including outside bookings and also handles the technical side of the Branson show. Outside of the band he enjoys running, leading a small group for boys at our church, and he is a pretty great two-stepper. Matt never fails to make each show unique and entertaining with his comedy and does a great job of keeping the band grounded. A sure way to make Matt laugh is a banjo joke.

Julianne Petersen

Mandolin Player, Eye Roller, Dimple

Julianne Petersen is the baby of the family and has been the full-time mandolin player for the band since 2017. Julianne started off playing the fiddle and clogging on stage when the band started in 2005 and has always been an audience favorite. (See a video of her dancing here.) Julianne has worn many hats in the band through the years and even ran sound and lights for them at the young age of eight! Currently, Julianne is a sophomore at Gloria Deo Academy in Springfield and her favorite pastime is reading. The easiest way to make Julianne your friend is through chocolate.



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